About Miriam

Miriam is a fanatic runner, Crossfit newbie, freelance writer and yoga lover who lived in Marrakesh until she was 19 and moved to Boston MA.

A life long love for travel and gaining new experiences motivated Miriam to move to Boston in 2007, where her interest in health, nutrition and food developed into the passion she holds today. Time spent living in the new england area as well as her multiple travels to lots of islands in the careebean have inspired her to learn as much as possible about natural remedies, products and a wholesome way of living. After ten years living aborad and meeting all the amazing people at barre and soul, she is now back in Marrakesh and hopes to share with you her experiences and discoveries in her life to come.

My blog has become my resume
When I pitch to publications, my blog does a lot of the speaking. As evidence of my writing, I may just send over the link to my blog and a handful of clips. Though my blog lacks formal editorial standards and it may have typos/grammar mistakes, it proves that I’m dedicated to writing. I will not give up on a project. Also, it shows inquirers what my “writing voice” is, and in my experience, people often want to hire you for your own unique voice. (If you have a blog, don’t be afraid to share your weirdness and secrets.

It feels good
If you’re not a freelancer or entrepreneur and have zero interest in finding work/making money off of your blog, I still recommend blogging. It can not only be therapeutic,  it can connect you to a like-minded community. Having a blog can get you through the tough times, the lonely times and the confusing times. Take it from me, strangers have offered incredible advice and support when I’ve written about my anxiety, twenty-something turmoil and fear of dying. And in turn, as a blog reader, you are there for other bloggers going through challenging times.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

― Martin Luther King Jr.

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